Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Budget Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities and features almost the maximum sight seeing attractions of the world. It is also one of the most preferred vacation spots by people all around the globe due to its unique and gorgeous infrastructure.

The easy availability of accommodation adds to its beauty making it convenient for the tourists to choose from the wide range of hotels. Dubai beautifully flaunts its diversified range of luxury hotels and is also the proud possessor of the only 7 star hotel of the globe, Burj Al Arab. But these are the accommodations which only the aristocratic classes can afford.

But Dubai cannot surely stay behind in offering hotels if you are looking for some pocket-friendly accommodations. Here are a few budget hotels in Dubai:

Eureka Hotel
The Eureka Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Dubai. It offers flawless quality and excellent facilities to its customers. It offers an easy access to primary business centers and important landmarks of Dubai. With a short drive away from Dubai International Airport, the hotel offers a friendly and warm level of service.

Ibis Deira City Center
Located in the historic area of Dubai, Ibis lies opposite the Deira City Center shopping mall and inside the business district of Port Saeed. The hotel offers no less in the form of luxury through the mouthpiece of its bistro restaurant and an ecstatic bar. The best value for money is found in Ibis Deira City Center.

Panorama Hotel
This luxury hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Burj Dubai on the AL Baharna Street. In order to ensure that the best of the facilities are offered to its visitors, the hotel periodically upgrades its services and amenities. The Panorama is a unique blend of traditional conduct of hospitality with attractive form of accommodation, finest dining and all the comforts which a traveler can expect.

Admiral Plaza
Admiral Plaza is located in the commercial and shopping centers of Dubai. It offers the contemporary facilities to serve the business as well as leisure travelers. The reputable pedigree of the hotel has been reached due to its service, professionalism and experienced staff.

Dubai Tourism offers a wide range of holiday packages and all the budget hotels listed above offer rooms with superb services and a comfortable stay round the year. Basic amenities included in every hotel are attached baths, A/C rooms, telephone services, TV, cleanliness and adequate room service.

Culture and Lifestyle

Visitors in Dubai are ensured to get charmed by their warm hospitality and courtesy. Dubai has deep rooted Islamic religion, however the society present here has high degree of tolerance for diverse culture. With people coming in from all over the world, Dubai gives the freedom of practicing their own religion. The dress code is though liberal and alcohol is only served in hotels. The local citizens still dress in their traditional robe and headdress. Traditional sports such as camel racing, falconry and dhow racing in sea is still popularly followed and participated. There are several mosques throughout the city also, there are Roman Catholic Churches as well as inter denominational churches. The official language is Arabic, though English is popularly used and spoken. Ramadan is one of the most popular festival in Dubai. In this month Muslims refrain from eating and drinks from dusk to dawn and it is expected other people to avoid the same, as a sign of respect.

Nightlife guide for Dubai

Nightlife in Dubai is considered the most lively and diverse in the UAE. Sharjah is about the only emirate that doesn’t have any UAE nightlife to offer. UAE nightclubs have flourished over the years and now provides a diverse range of things to do for tourists when the sun goes down. Upscale Dubai luxury hotels offer UAE nightlife like jazz clubs and piano bars but many excellent nightclubs are found inside a variety of Dubai hotels.

Nightlife in Dubai is especially hot on Thursdays and Saturdays, while you’ll find Dubai nightlife tends to be pretty dead on Mondays. UAE nightclubs shut down between 1am and 2am and the legal drinking age is twenty-one. A host of famous DJ”s have begun flocking to Dubai, a catalyst for the lively, emerging club scene. To enjoy Dubai nightlife at many clubs you must be 25 or over. Late night clubs have to close by 3am at the latest by law and most implement a fairly relaxed dress code. Ditch your jeans and sandals for the night to ensure you’ll have no problems getting in.

Abu Dhabi nightlife plays second fiddle to Dubai yet there are a great number of bars, pubs, clubs and discos to choose from. The Zenith Club is the most favored when it comes to Abu Dhabi nightlife. The club is located inside the Sheraton Hotel, a multi-level venue drawing guests by hosting big names visiting town. For night owls Abu Dhabi nightlife is paramount. Venues include anything from sleek bars to pumping discos. The UAE nightclubs in Abu Dhabi are mostly found inside the major Abu Dhabi hotels where alcohol licenses are freely distributed.


Plentarium NightclubThe best nightlife in Dubai is at Planetarium, the most popular nightclub in Dubai’s Wafi City, and is restricted to ladies, couples and club members. The party scene is unrivaled with a full menu full of beer, wine, abundant spirits and cocktails, late night snacks and a rocking resident DJ attracting plenty of prestigious guests for hours of fun and excitement.

Kandy Club

Kandy Club NightclubKandy Club, inside the Fairmont Hotel, is all about the beats. Dark and sexy with a fantastic light show, the club is always packed with people dancing into the wee hours to the best house, Indian, hip-hop and funky, Asian theme mixes.


Zinc NightclubDubai nightlife explodes at Zinc, inside the Plaza Dubai. A combination of restaurant/bar/lounge and dance club, the best DJ’s and live bands mix it all up and create one of the most progressive dance floors in Dubai and some of the best UAE nightlife around.

Buddha Bar

Keeping with the exotic and mysterious, the multi-level Buddha Bar inside Grosvenor House, lures in large, diverse crowds over three floors with three distinct atmospheres. The restaurant, bar and lounge together create nightlife in Dubai with a diversity from relaxed to raging.

Lotus One

Lotus One NightclubCutting edge design, delicious pan-Asian dishes blended with ultra hip music has made Lotus One, inside the World Trade Convention Centre, one of the major evening attractions. Comfortable and modern, move to the rhythms of chill sounds while savoring a slightly more upscale, calmer crowd.


Kasbar NightclubSituated on Jumeirah Beach Rd, Kasbar features Arabian decor and a wide range tunes played over three vibrantly colored levels topped by elaborate terraces with panoramic views. Groove on the swiveling dance floor to house, club, pop, and techno hits and shmooze into the night with colorful expats and locals alike.

Peppermint Club

Peppermint Club NightclubThough sometimes a long wait to get in, spending a night out at the Peppermint Club is well-worth it for memorable UAE nightlife. Dancing is the main name of the game at Peppermint. Fired up crowds thrown into dance floor mania as DJ’s pump out the best party tunes around.

Apartment Lounge

Apartment Lounge NightclubInside the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, trendy Apartment Lounge has re-established itself as one of the best UAE nightclubs around. Two separate areas allow you to chill with a cocktail or let loose on the dance floor. DJ’s spin modern dance music, funky house, 80"s hits and much more.


Trilogy NightclubScoring the highest rating for best dance music, Trilogy, inside the Madinat Jumeirah is one of the most celebrated venues for the best Dubai nightlife. The Moroccan-style, three-level club offers a variety of moods and the biggest and best names in DJ’s.