Monday, July 18, 2011

Dubai the Tourist Friendly Land to Visit

Summer is the fun time of year when many people like to travel to distant places for excitement. You will find that Dubai is one of the best places to go for fun and excitement for the whole family. The people of Dubai are very friendly and tourist always seems to find something of interest that is very enjoyable. There are parks, restaurants, shopping spots, and many sights and wonders to see.

One official place that everyone likes to visit is the Wonderland Park. This park is an exciting family fun place where everyone likes to go. You will find that it hosts over two million guests since it opened in 1996. The Wonderland Theme Park has many attractions for your family to enjoy. The rides are geared for children of all ages. The Country Splash Kingdom, which is a part of the park, is an exciting way to spend your day and cool-off at the same time. This is just part of the exciting city of Dubai, which hosts many other wondrous things to visit.

Shopping in Dubai

The Lulu Hypermarket is one of the largest in the Middle East that attracts many people every day. You will not feel like you have been on a shopping trip until you have gone to the Lulu Hypermarket in Dubai. The Lulu Hypermarket has a large variety of retail stores, supermarkets, and other interesting shops. You will want to spend a whole day if not more doing all your shopping. This is truly one of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East.

Adventures in Outer Areas of Dubai

The outer regions of Dubai offer many highlights for those who like to travel and see new sights. The Karama area is where you will find a mixture of Indians and Filipinos and it is known as the Little Indians and Little Manilas. There you can find good things to eat and buy souvenirs of the famous things around the Dubai area. Next on your agenda would be International City. This is where the Chinese people live and they bring some of the most wonderful architectural designs in buildings that you would ever want to see. If you are interested in living in this area, you will find that the rent is very cheap and the folks are very friendly.

Bur Dubai is well known for having floating restaurants on the famous creek Bur Dubai. This historical area goes from Jumeirah to the Bur Dubai Creek. This creek is well known for being a border between the two areas of Deira and Bur Dubai.

You most certainly will want to cross over the creek and visit the city of Deira. Deira is the financial area where all the business of Dubai takes place. Many people live in the residential area of Deira giving it the appeal of a residential community. There is much too see in Dubai and the surrounding areas where tourist find the land to be friendly with an air of excitement.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dubai Education

In the world of today education plays an important part in one’s life therefore it is necessary that you should focus on what is your aim before enrolling yourself into any university. I have seen people running after money and what’s hot in the market, which profession will pay off more than the other. I am not saying that we should not give money importance but it should be our second choice. How many of you are ready with your career future plans. 

One thing to remember that it is essential that no matter whatever your subjects may be the university you choose should be among the best renounced ones around the world.  

Dubai has a number of universities that offer different curriculum. Remember choose that university that is well known and offering the courses of your career. Following are the list of universities that are recognized internationally:-
  • Al Ghurair University
  • Allied Institute of Management Studies (AIMS), Dubai Knowledge Village
  • American College of Dubai
  • American University in Dubai
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - Dubai
  • Boston University Dental School
  • British University in Dubai
  • Canadian University Of Dubai
  • Cass Business School
  • Centre for Executive Education, Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Medical College for Girls
  • Dubai School of Government
  • Dubai University College
  • Emirates Aviation College
  • European University College Brussels (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel)
  • HAwowid
  • Heriot Watt University
  • Hult International Business School
  • Institute of Management Technology, Dubai
  • Islamic & Arabic Studies College Dubai
  • Islamic Azad University, Dubai
  • London Business School
  • London Human Resources Institute, Dubai Centre, Knowledge Village
  • Mahatma Gandhi University
  • MAHE-Manipal
  • Manchester University Business School
  • Middlesex University - Dubai Campus
  • Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai
  • RIT Dubai
  • S.P.Jain Center Of Management, Dubai
  • SAE Institute
  • Shahid Beheshti University, Dubai
  • Skyline University College
  • SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology)
  • The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
  • Universal Empire Institute of Medical Sciences
  • University of Dubai
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Wollongong in Dubai
My advice to each one of you is that please no matter how expensive education is choosing your career is more important. The Universities mentioned in the above list have different courses related to their course. The fee structure and admission procedures can be found easily from their websites.
Hope that this would be informative to all of you.

Wonderland Family Fun Park in Dubai

Summer is just getting started. How about cooling up yourself a little. As we know Dubai has all the solutions you just name it and it there, these best and the most adventurous parks.

Wonderland Family Fun Park, divided into three parts, has spread a wide range of exciting water attractions over 18 acres. Main Street offers such unique attractions as the mist water theme park that has a roller coaster and a cart race. The Country Splash Kingdom is a wonder of aqueous activities. Wonderland is located near Al Garhoud Bridge, Dubai Creekside Park.

This theme park is suitable for all ages, kids and adults. It is a guaranteed that you will have hours of fun from the time you enter until exit. There are suitable rides for all. This theme park is designed in such a manner that all one can do is enjoy.
Wonderland is made since October 1996, and has entertained over two million guests. Wonderland is open every day and they majorly have two parks, Wonderland theme park and Splash land. It is the biggest park in Dubai.

They offer more than 30 rides which are famous internationally and 22 acres for the water park.
The major rides of wonderland are as follows:-
1)      Spinning – Coaster
2)      Roto – Shake
3)      Free – Fall
4)      Mega – Disco
5)      Taga Disco
6)      Action Arm
7)      Long fume
Groups and parties
Wonderland offers a number of events each year. Some of them are mega events and the media also covers them. There are special event for kids and the whole family. The rates that they offer are the best for any event which has to be organized. They are specialized in birthday parties.
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
They have 6 food and beverages outlets and a choice of 4 fast food outlets.
1)      Mithu’s Nest
2)      Jasmine Terrace
3)      Main Street CafĂ©
4)      The Palm Terrace
Skill Games
You can win tremendous prizes by trying their skills at shooting, flinging, rolling, climbing. A vast variety of challenges awaits you!
Fort Fun
Conventional playground for the toddlers and infants inside a Caribbean Fort. They can swing, ride, climb and jump while their mum and dad relax under the gazebo style awnings.
Rain Ball
Disappear into a world of non-stop rain. Don't worry, you won't get wet. This is a soft-play experience not to be missed.
3D Theatre
Have you been in a D theater. Just think a theatre where spiders crawling up your leg. The wind blowing through your hair! Monsters breathe on your neck! Sounds scary, Try it out
Park hours:
April & May- Sat & Sun 1pm to Closing
May- Tues., Thurs., Fri.- 6:30pm-9:30pm
June through September 6- Sat & Sun 1pm to 10pm
June through Mid-August- Weeknights 7pm to 10:30pm
Closed Mondays and Wednesdays through May

Lulu Biggest Hypermarket in Dubai

The retail sector in the Middle East is observing a very serious issue on the point of dealing with competitor issues. Emke group branded flagship hypermarket and supermarket chain Lulu, the largest carrier in the Gulf which goes on ahead to strengthen its position as number one. The Latest supermarket by the group of Al Barsha in Dubai was inaugurated by HE Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi who is currently the Affairs Minister, bringing the number of 58 stores across the Gulf.

According to recent reports published by analysts in the United Kingdom in terms of retail, Planet Retail Ltd, Emke Group ranks 12th in Africa and in the Middle East it is among the TOP 30 retailers list. UAE-based Emke Group is the only local player in this list, which is ranking at the number one retailer based in the Middle East. The report also claims that Emke Group will be in 10th place in 2010 with sales of $ 2.4 billion, and an increase of 1.07 billion since 2006.

Currently this group has it outlets of supermarkets and hypermarkets in UAE, Kuwait Qatar, Oman and Yemen and is all set to begin operations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, at the end of this year. New stores will be opened within the next 6 months are as follows:
1)      Abu Dhabi
2)      Bahrain
3)      Saudi Arabia

By 2008 we will see more than 9 hypermarkets from different countries with an average estimated investment of 3 billion AED. 

Observing the new project at the time of inauguration of the new hypermarket, Yusuffali MA, Emke Group CEO said: "We consistently believed in the prospective of this market and try to put in extra added accessories and best embracing practices in all our stores. We were able to win the hearts of all our customers of different nationalities who are accustomed with all standards accessible worldwide. In the all appropriate shops of the best food from Europe and the United States followed by their guidelines of affection and all our admired customers will feel the difference. "

Emke Group limited accounted that the turnover for the year of DHS. 4.3 billion, at the time of establishment now has more than 15,000 employees in diverse activities spread across the Middle East, Far East, Asia, and Africa with awareness in retail, manufacturing, travel, shopping, Food processing exports and imports

Districts of Dubai

Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates and is the one of the seven that makes the entire UAE. In fact Dubai is the most developed modern and progressive country and is growing at an increasing fast speed rate. The development in the trade and tourism sector has unbelievingly increased.

Districts of Dubai

Here you will find citizens from a mixed locality. This is a residential area where mostly you will find more of Indians and Filipinos. We can call this Dubai's Little Indians and Little Manilas, where we get cheap things to eat and buy which is the most famous around here. 

International City:
This is little china where Chinese businessmen and women live. The architectural design is extraordinary. This city is situated in the centre of the desert and it is a very simple residential area. The houses here are cheap and rents are also affordable. We can call, this place small China Town.
Bur Dubai:
The main attraction of Bur Dubai is the floating restaurants and the famous creek that is found. It is a historical place and the area that goes from Jumeirah to the creek is mentioned in this place. The creek separates Deira from Bur Dubai. It is like a border between two cities. 

It is known as the mini bank of Dubai. It is like the financial center where all business takes place. It is now a residential area with a lot of people.

Arabian Ranches and Emirates Hills:
The land here is very expensive for renting and purchasing. These are two different place located in Dubai and the land value of these are comparatively high, as these are man made areas. 

Jumeirah this has the beach. Mainly in this area you will find all mixed people living from Europeans to Filipinos, Indians and Pakistani’s, you will find a little of every country. Europe, Pakistan, India and Manila residents are living at Jumeirah.

The entire well to do citizens of Dubai is located in this city. A commercial-residential district which is somewhat newly built, Uptown Mirdiff is one of the attractions.

Dubai is a dreamland. Different people from all parts of the world reside here. Dubai has accommodated all races from all over the world so that it can make the best revenue with the help of tourism and businesses. Dubai is also called mini- America as all the facilities that are provided there are available here, but the secret is at half the price.


Dubai is a land of dreams where everyone should visit once in their life.  There are many exotic places to see on a vacation here.  The airport is huge and a lot of facilities for those with connecting flights.  The Duty Free in Dubai is very expensive but the things are marvelous.   People visit Dubai from different parts of the world for business and tourism purposes therefore; most of Dubai’s revenue is earned from these people.  Dubai has changed over the past ten years and has expanded in various sectors for example buildings, tourism, business and much more.  The shopping malls of Dubai are extraordinarily eye catching.  Products of different brands locally and internationally are both available in the malls.  Since the last five years Dubai has created a name in the international market for tourism.

A lot of jobs are available in Dubai with any education and people from different parts of the world come to avail this opportunity.  Salaries are far better comparatively to other countries of the world.  No matter from which ever country you belong equal opportunity is given to the right candidate. 

From the tourism point of view their beaches are extravagant and luscious.   The Sand Dunes of Dubai are famous the entire world as it is now a favourite sport for the Arabians and Americans.  They are huge hot and slippery but a lot of fun.

A lot of concerts and festivals take place annually in Dubai.  Stars from Hollywood and Bollywood attend these functions which is a good way of promotion.  Dubai has become famous because of the investment and travelling of the Americans. 

For business men interested in the oil sector there is good news for you.  Dubai is a country rich in oil. Most of the oil is exported to foreign countries and thus revenue is earned. 

Water parks in Dubai are fascinating and full of fun.  Families and friends can enjoy the entire day by hanging out at these parks.  Now adventurous, theme parks have been made in Dubai.  My advice to all of you is that if you every wish to go to Dubai do visit these places, parks and malls make the most of it, bring a lot of chocolates home to enjoy with your family and friends.  Suggest others to visit this place so that their tour may be remarkable and memorable of the rest of their lives.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cinemas is Dubai

Are you in Dubai? Getting bored? Here’s something interesting for all of you. How about taking a break from your busy day sightseeing and shopping and stopping in for a movie?

Dubai cinemas are situated all around the city; you will find cinemas in shopping malls which provide you the latest Arabic, Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are also a few open-air cinemas that show films of a central theme. Every year in December theaters host special transmissions for the Dubai International Film Festival.

Following is the list of cinemas situated in Dubai.

Cinema city
It is located at the Arabian Center, Al Khwaneej Road, Mirdiff. It is one of the latest additions in Dubai; this cinema consists of 8 screens which give you the best resolution and surround sound. The best part about this cinema is that it also has a sushi lounge and provides you with cinema screens movies from around world, and there’s even a sushi lounge inside. The tickets to watch a show is 30 AED, but believe me it’s worth it!

Cine star Mall of Emirates
It is located at the Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha. This cinema is trendy with the public and accommodates many screenings of the Dubai International Film Festival. In addition to the customary theaters, this cinema marks a Gold Class section with large recliners and private tables for a more cherished experience. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular; 50 AED 3D; 110 AED Gold Class.

Cinestar Deira City Centre
It is located at the City Centre, Gharoud Cine star DCC is convenient for movie lovers living on or near the East side of the Dubai Creek. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular; 50 AED 3D

Galleria Cineplex
It is located at the Hyatt Regency, Deira. The Galleria Cineplex has 2 screens. This cinema mostly shows Malyalam or Tamil movies. The price of a ticket is 30 AED

Grand Megaplex 21 Cinema – IMAX
It is located at the Ibn Battuta Mall, Jebel Ali. This cinema has the largest selection of movies and it’s the cities only IMAX screen. The price of a ticket is 30 AED lower; 35 AED upper; 50 AED last rows; 50 AED IMAX

Grand Mercato
 It is located at the Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah. It has 7 screen cinemas on Jumeirah Beach Road. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular front; 35 AED regular back; 50 AED last row.

Grand Cineplex
It is located at the Next to Grand Hyatt, Oud Mehta. The cinema consists of 10 screen cinema close to Wafi City. The price of a ticket is 30 AED orchestra; 35 AED balcony

Grand Cinecity
It is located at the Al Ghurair City, Rigga Road, Deira. It has 8 screen cinemas in the middle of Dubai’s Al Rigga neighborhood in Deira. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular front; 35 AED regular back; 50 AED last row

Grand Metroplex
It is located at the Metroploitan Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. Can you imagine eight screen cineplex on main Sheikh Zayed Road. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular front; 35 AED regular back; 50 AED last row

Grand Festival Cinemas
It is located at the Festival Centre, Festival City, Gharoud. A state of the art cinema with 12 screens, the amazing fact is that it has Grand Class theaters which is a more lavish and private setup. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular front; 35 AED regular back; 60 AED last row; 100 AED Grand Class.

Lamcy Cinema
It is located at the Next to Lamcy Plaza, Karama. Bollywood fans would just love this cinema as regular Hindi movie are showed here. The price of a ticket is 25 AED.

Reel Cinema
It is located at the The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj Dubai. Another state of the art cinema featuring 20 screens and an in art house theater, screening both Indian and commercial hits. The price of a ticket is 30 AED regular; 45 AED 3D; 110 AED Platinum Suite

Movies under the Stars
It is located at the Wafi Rooftop Gardens, Wafi City, Oud Mehta. Rest and relax on bean bags while you take in movies old and new under the stars with a bag of juicy popcorns. Shows normally operate between October and May. Best part is it’s free! The price of a ticket is Free.

These cinemas add quality of life for the residents of Dubai and also allow for a nice cool venue for tourists to rest and relax in during their trip to the beautiful oasis city that is Dubai.