Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wonderland Family Fun Park in Dubai

Summer is just getting started. How about cooling up yourself a little. As we know Dubai has all the solutions you just name it and it there, these best and the most adventurous parks.

Wonderland Family Fun Park, divided into three parts, has spread a wide range of exciting water attractions over 18 acres. Main Street offers such unique attractions as the mist water theme park that has a roller coaster and a cart race. The Country Splash Kingdom is a wonder of aqueous activities. Wonderland is located near Al Garhoud Bridge, Dubai Creekside Park.

This theme park is suitable for all ages, kids and adults. It is a guaranteed that you will have hours of fun from the time you enter until exit. There are suitable rides for all. This theme park is designed in such a manner that all one can do is enjoy.
Wonderland is made since October 1996, and has entertained over two million guests. Wonderland is open every day and they majorly have two parks, Wonderland theme park and Splash land. It is the biggest park in Dubai.

They offer more than 30 rides which are famous internationally and 22 acres for the water park.
The major rides of wonderland are as follows:-
1)      Spinning – Coaster
2)      Roto – Shake
3)      Free – Fall
4)      Mega – Disco
5)      Taga Disco
6)      Action Arm
7)      Long fume
Groups and parties
Wonderland offers a number of events each year. Some of them are mega events and the media also covers them. There are special event for kids and the whole family. The rates that they offer are the best for any event which has to be organized. They are specialized in birthday parties.
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
They have 6 food and beverages outlets and a choice of 4 fast food outlets.
1)      Mithu’s Nest
2)      Jasmine Terrace
3)      Main Street CafĂ©
4)      The Palm Terrace
Skill Games
You can win tremendous prizes by trying their skills at shooting, flinging, rolling, climbing. A vast variety of challenges awaits you!
Fort Fun
Conventional playground for the toddlers and infants inside a Caribbean Fort. They can swing, ride, climb and jump while their mum and dad relax under the gazebo style awnings.
Rain Ball
Disappear into a world of non-stop rain. Don't worry, you won't get wet. This is a soft-play experience not to be missed.
3D Theatre
Have you been in a D theater. Just think a theatre where spiders crawling up your leg. The wind blowing through your hair! Monsters breathe on your neck! Sounds scary, Try it out
Park hours:
April & May- Sat & Sun 1pm to Closing
May- Tues., Thurs., Fri.- 6:30pm-9:30pm
June through September 6- Sat & Sun 1pm to 10pm
June through Mid-August- Weeknights 7pm to 10:30pm
Closed Mondays and Wednesdays through May

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