Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lulu Biggest Hypermarket in Dubai

The retail sector in the Middle East is observing a very serious issue on the point of dealing with competitor issues. Emke group branded flagship hypermarket and supermarket chain Lulu, the largest carrier in the Gulf which goes on ahead to strengthen its position as number one. The Latest supermarket by the group of Al Barsha in Dubai was inaugurated by HE Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi who is currently the Affairs Minister, bringing the number of 58 stores across the Gulf.

According to recent reports published by analysts in the United Kingdom in terms of retail, Planet Retail Ltd, Emke Group ranks 12th in Africa and in the Middle East it is among the TOP 30 retailers list. UAE-based Emke Group is the only local player in this list, which is ranking at the number one retailer based in the Middle East. The report also claims that Emke Group will be in 10th place in 2010 with sales of $ 2.4 billion, and an increase of 1.07 billion since 2006.

Currently this group has it outlets of supermarkets and hypermarkets in UAE, Kuwait Qatar, Oman and Yemen and is all set to begin operations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, at the end of this year. New stores will be opened within the next 6 months are as follows:
1)      Abu Dhabi
2)      Bahrain
3)      Saudi Arabia

By 2008 we will see more than 9 hypermarkets from different countries with an average estimated investment of 3 billion AED. 

Observing the new project at the time of inauguration of the new hypermarket, Yusuffali MA, Emke Group CEO said: "We consistently believed in the prospective of this market and try to put in extra added accessories and best embracing practices in all our stores. We were able to win the hearts of all our customers of different nationalities who are accustomed with all standards accessible worldwide. In the all appropriate shops of the best food from Europe and the United States followed by their guidelines of affection and all our admired customers will feel the difference. "

Emke Group limited accounted that the turnover for the year of DHS. 4.3 billion, at the time of establishment now has more than 15,000 employees in diverse activities spread across the Middle East, Far East, Asia, and Africa with awareness in retail, manufacturing, travel, shopping, Food processing exports and imports

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