Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Districts of Dubai

Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates and is the one of the seven that makes the entire UAE. In fact Dubai is the most developed modern and progressive country and is growing at an increasing fast speed rate. The development in the trade and tourism sector has unbelievingly increased.

Districts of Dubai

Here you will find citizens from a mixed locality. This is a residential area where mostly you will find more of Indians and Filipinos. We can call this Dubai's Little Indians and Little Manilas, where we get cheap things to eat and buy which is the most famous around here. 

International City:
This is little china where Chinese businessmen and women live. The architectural design is extraordinary. This city is situated in the centre of the desert and it is a very simple residential area. The houses here are cheap and rents are also affordable. We can call, this place small China Town.
Bur Dubai:
The main attraction of Bur Dubai is the floating restaurants and the famous creek that is found. It is a historical place and the area that goes from Jumeirah to the creek is mentioned in this place. The creek separates Deira from Bur Dubai. It is like a border between two cities. 

It is known as the mini bank of Dubai. It is like the financial center where all business takes place. It is now a residential area with a lot of people.

Arabian Ranches and Emirates Hills:
The land here is very expensive for renting and purchasing. These are two different place located in Dubai and the land value of these are comparatively high, as these are man made areas. 

Jumeirah this has the beach. Mainly in this area you will find all mixed people living from Europeans to Filipinos, Indians and Pakistani’s, you will find a little of every country. Europe, Pakistan, India and Manila residents are living at Jumeirah.

The entire well to do citizens of Dubai is located in this city. A commercial-residential district which is somewhat newly built, Uptown Mirdiff is one of the attractions.

Dubai is a dreamland. Different people from all parts of the world reside here. Dubai has accommodated all races from all over the world so that it can make the best revenue with the help of tourism and businesses. Dubai is also called mini- America as all the facilities that are provided there are available here, but the secret is at half the price.

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