Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dubai is a land of dreams where everyone should visit once in their life.  There are many exotic places to see on a vacation here.  The airport is huge and a lot of facilities for those with connecting flights.  The Duty Free in Dubai is very expensive but the things are marvelous.   People visit Dubai from different parts of the world for business and tourism purposes therefore; most of Dubai’s revenue is earned from these people.  Dubai has changed over the past ten years and has expanded in various sectors for example buildings, tourism, business and much more.  The shopping malls of Dubai are extraordinarily eye catching.  Products of different brands locally and internationally are both available in the malls.  Since the last five years Dubai has created a name in the international market for tourism.

A lot of jobs are available in Dubai with any education and people from different parts of the world come to avail this opportunity.  Salaries are far better comparatively to other countries of the world.  No matter from which ever country you belong equal opportunity is given to the right candidate. 

From the tourism point of view their beaches are extravagant and luscious.   The Sand Dunes of Dubai are famous the entire world as it is now a favourite sport for the Arabians and Americans.  They are huge hot and slippery but a lot of fun.

A lot of concerts and festivals take place annually in Dubai.  Stars from Hollywood and Bollywood attend these functions which is a good way of promotion.  Dubai has become famous because of the investment and travelling of the Americans. 

For business men interested in the oil sector there is good news for you.  Dubai is a country rich in oil. Most of the oil is exported to foreign countries and thus revenue is earned. 

Water parks in Dubai are fascinating and full of fun.  Families and friends can enjoy the entire day by hanging out at these parks.  Now adventurous, theme parks have been made in Dubai.  My advice to all of you is that if you every wish to go to Dubai do visit these places, parks and malls make the most of it, bring a lot of chocolates home to enjoy with your family and friends.  Suggest others to visit this place so that their tour may be remarkable and memorable of the rest of their lives.


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